Welcome to HANDS ON Production Services LTD

We are HANDS ON, established in 1983 to serve theatrefilm & TV, eventseducation and media. We offer sales, hire, services and consultancy.

HANDS ON are experts in armourydrapespropsriggingspecial effects and staging. We also supply consumable products. For a quotation or more information, call 0141 440 2005 or email info@hands-on-uk.com

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Our team is expanding...

...and not just because we've eaten too much cake. (Although maybe we have.) HANDS ON is pleased to announce that our stock has become so extensive, we are employing a Workshop Technician to oversee cataloguing, stock maintenance and preparing hire items for customers. Welcome, Ross!

We supply:

Steeldeck staging Le Maitre Pyrotechnics Roscomsl Fire Check

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