At HANDS ON we sell a range of consumable products: pyrotechnics, pro-grade gaffer tape, theatrical blood, cobweb spray, Dirty Down ageing spray, FireCheck flame-retardant spray, smoke canisters, snow liquid and more. 

Theatrical Blood £10.00 FireCheck £10.00
Black or White Gaffer Tape £7.00 Cobweb Spray £18.50
Dirty Down £10.50 Smoke Fluid £18.00
Smoke Canister £6.00 White Tack £18.00
PVC Tape £1.10 Dance Floor Tape £4.50

All prices plus VAT. Delivery charges may apply.

We also offer PAT testing and various training courses: please contact us for more details.

Dirty Down Ageing Sprays


Dirty Down Ageing Sprays in stock NOW at HANDS ON. These translucent water soluble dyes can be sprayed on to almost anything, including fabric, wood and metal, to leave a fine layer of coloured dye on the surface, giving the desired aged effect. Once dry, smudge the Dirty Down using water to create uneven dirty patches and smears. Ozone friendly, dries quickly and easy to use. 

We have a wide selection, including the Frost/Snow spray. Click here for the Dirty Down Website


Fire Check

HANDS ON now stock FireCheck flame-retardant spray for fireproofing. It will treat anything that absorbs water. It is supplied ready-to-use in handy 750ml spray bottles, or in a cost-effective 5 litre container.

It is colourless, odourless and non-toxic. It gives an invisible finish with no sheen. Simply apply a fine mist to all exposed surface areas of the article requiring treatment. For fire retardant drapes, costumes or props; call us, email us or drop in to get your FireCheck flame-retardant spray today.

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