"Talk of the Steamie"

East Kilbride Rep Theatre has managed to get hold of some very authentic props for its upcoming performance of Tony Roper's "The Steamie", courtesy of Hands On Production Services.

EK Rep was pleased to discover that Perry Costello, Technical Director of Hands On, could provide baths, towels and baskets - as he was the props buyer for the 1988 film adaptation. 

The theatre company will be performing the comedy play, based in a Glasgow public wash-house, from Wednesday 1st to Saturday 4th September at 7.30pm in East Kilbride Village Theatre. It follows four women trying to get their laundry done on Hogmanay in 1953: EK Rep Producer, Jean Macmillan, says: "Hands On not only solved our problems but were able to help us set the scene with appropriate props and useful advice." 

There is an undoubted sense of community and nostalgia felt from the play and the TV film adaptation, a popular classic shown regularly on TV at Hogmanay. In fact, Perry and his wife Cheryl Strong can be seen in the opening scenes of the film, kissing in an alleyway! 

Perry and Cheryl have been running Hands On Production Services for the past 26 years, providing armoury, drapes, rigging, special effects, props, and staging for film & TV, theatre and events. Perry says: "Hands On is about getting involved - our expertise goes hand in hand with our extensive range of products. We pride ourselves on getting the details right." 

Steamie Props


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